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Lux is a choir based in Hyattsville, MD

Founded in 2015 by member Robby Napoli, Lux is an amateur choir that specializes in contemporary choral music and consists of members from sixteen to twenty-three years old. Lux is a young group, with a dedication to friendship, fun, and excellence in choral performance. Listeners have described Lux as “like ten thousand angels singing in heaven” and “absolutely beautiful”; composer Eric Whitacre has called Lux’s performance of Sainte-Chapelle “beautiful” and “lovely”.

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“I cannot name a time when I have heard a finer execution of modern vocal art music. This was extraordinary and excellent beyond my expectations!”

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Because Lux is an independent organization and fundamentally a hobby, and because members are all over the country and are very busy, we do a very limited number of performances—three a year, to be exact. Two recording sessions (one in winter and one in summer), and one concert in the summer. (All of these are open to the public.)

The next chance to hear Lux live will be:

Summer Concert

  • Details coming soon

Enjoy The Silence

Martin Gore, arr. Eric Whitacre


Eric Whitacre

Lux Summer Preview

Multiple composers

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